Navigation Made Easy Using lightning:navigation

lightning:navigation component used to navigate to a given pageReference or to generate a URL from a pageReference.We need to define a pageReference Object to navigate, Lets Discuss about pageReference Object ┬áPageReference Object pageReference is a javascript object that reference to a page and provide a well defines structure that describes the page type and its … Continue reading Navigation Made Easy Using lightning:navigation

Lightning Message Service – Communication Made Easy

In Winter 20 , Salesforce introduced Lightning Message Service which enables communication between Visualforce and Lightning Component(Aura & LWC) on any lightning page Lightning Message Service API allows you to publish a message through out the lightning page and subscribe the same message anywhere in that lightning page For Lightning Web Components Use @salesforce/messageChannel , … Continue reading Lightning Message Service – Communication Made Easy

Salesforce Lightning Datatable With Infinite Loading

Lightning Data Table are enhanced version of HTML Table , which used to display tabular data and its features include Displaying and formatting of columns with appropriate data types Infinite scrolling of rows Header-level actions Row-level actions Resizing of columns Selecting of rows Sorting of columns by ascending and descending order Text wrapping and clipping … Continue reading Salesforce Lightning Datatable With Infinite Loading

force:recordData VS lightning:recordForm

force:recordData Used to Create,Edit,Delete,View a Record To Perform Save,Delete Operation on record,controller methods Save Record or delete record It uses Attribute of object type in which set when record is loaded Need to use lightning:input to display data Need to specify save button to perform save operation lightning:recordForm Used to Create, View, Edit And Update … Continue reading force:recordData VS lightning:recordForm

Lightning Data Service (LDS)- Introduction

Lightning Data Service allows you to create,retrieve,delete , update salesforce records whithout any need of Server Side Controller (Apex Controller) , its a standard controller for lightning DIFFERENT COMPONENTS BASED ON LDS There are multiple components Developed using LDS force:recordData Allows you to include LDS in your component, this tag can be used to perform … Continue reading Lightning Data Service (LDS)- Introduction

Platform Events in Lightning Component

Platform Events are used to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable notification within Salesforce or external app. Platform Event is based on Event-Driven Architecture. This is built in real time integration patterns in the Salesforce Platform which helps to reduce point-to-point integration. When to use platform events? Platform events are very useful when you want to communicate Salesforce with … Continue reading Platform Events in Lightning Component

How to use Lightning Component in Visualforce Page

Sometimes we may ran into condition to use Lightning component in visualforce page where some of users still in classic and your lightning component doesnt work in classic To use lightning component in visualforce page we need to use apex:includeLightning ,Includes the Lightning Components for Visualforce JavaScript library, lightning.out.js, from the correct Salesforce domain $Lightning.use() method … Continue reading How to use Lightning Component in Visualforce Page